Transpersonal and Humanistic Art Therapy (Dharma, Jung)

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Myriam Rozengurt  studied two years in the Faculty of Medicine in the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina, she is an English teacher and Scientific – Literary Translator titled in the University of El Salvador in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she is a writer, and an agent in prevention of addictions. She investigates the simbology that appears in dreams from the Jungian standpoint and is a Transpersonal Jungian Art Therapist under the guide line of Miguel Cintas.

Studies of Art Therapy and Jungian Psychology

Miguel Cintas´ Guide line
Art Therapy and Simbology centered in the person

Miguel Cintas
Art Therapist. Jungian Art Therapist

Miguel Cintas received his title in the "Institut National d´Expresion Création Art et Therapie" of Paris, certificate of the AEC, specialized in Art Therapy by the University of Vic.
PHD in Art Therapy by the University of Girona. Studies and investigation in Therapy and Plastic Arts in the   Metáfora Institute of the University of Barcelona. Studies of Master in PNL, in the field of “Archetypal Psychology” and in Gestalt.

Individual Therapy and online tutorship

In order to attend a process of online individual Art Therapy, you will need access to Internet as well as a digital photographic camera in order to send the photographs of each piece of work to the Therapist. You will attend a free interview in order to learn about the model of sessions.

Dharmic Analysis
Psychotherapy and Spirituality

The transformation of lead into gold is the symbol of an inner process. In the present work, the appearance of a new life in the bottom of the soul constitutes a mobilization of the modern nothingness. Fire comes to reinforce that idea as a symbolic representative. In the following image the fire represents the transformation of the golden bird. A quiet life, an empty life, a life that is potentially profound but not up to date; it gets mobilized and is transformed through that same movement, and becomes transmuted into fire due to its coincidence with the profound worlds of the feminine.
                                                          Miguel Cintas

Analysis of pieces of work

Integral Art Therapy: Transpersonal and Jungian



Source of discoveries

The World of the subconscious

Courses and Seminars

Jungian Art Therapy, a step in the “process of individuation”

Transpersonal Art Therapy

Active imagination: using different ways to express ourselves to let our mind feel free:


Lights and shadows.
Parallel lines. Furrows among lines.
Sunset. It gets dark.
I get lost.
I step forward and get into the depths.
Branches get thicker.
They cut my way.
Yet, I can introduce myself through them.
I go forward, I won´t stop any more. One step, and another and another one. Depth gets darker though rays of multicolour lights sparkle here and there.
The rainbow strengthens. Lights intermingle with the voices among the shadows and an incandescent and eternal fire flame appears at the horizon. The figure of a lady is drawn in the fire and begins to dance in the rhythm of the wind and the song of a blue-dark-blue bird. His song is so sweet, fresh and melancholic. A magnet coming from somewhere I cannot distinguish attracts me to the female figure. As I get closer, the figure starts to separate itself into two and two. First, it forms a circle, then two. They   touch each other in two different points where the figures join and separate following the rhythm of the wind. I first remain inside one of the circles, then inside the other, so I begin to go from one to the other so fast and, at the same, time so slowly that I cannot find where to step firmly.
All the wood is illuminated by the female figures who dance in a constant and exact rhythm. I remain enrapt with this image and my mind begins to feel the presence of the ladies in flame inside itself. They are so many and so different one from the other that they begin to occupy different places with different purposes.  I stop being one in order to be infinite ones. Yes, infinite ladies live inside myself and look forward to equilibrium, order, inner peace.
But the fire with its eternal flame still remains inside of me.
It lives.
It dances.
It decides.
It steps forward again and again and goes directly to the deepest heart of the wood where it allows darkness, silence, introspection to appear.
I meditate.
I step forward.
I go to the heart of the wood in flames, alive, burning, eternal.
                                                                                          Myriam Rozengurt

Art Therapy
Constant Formation
Areas to develop in an extense formation:

Process of creation and Transformation
Basis of the Jungian Art Therapy
Painting and the freedom of imagination
Modeling and the formation of the self
Drawing and expression
The collage and its composition as the creation of one´s own space
 Writing and the creation of the inner space
Photography, the “bridge to light”
The unconscious
Therapy and artistic intercession
Mind, the body and the emotions
Creativity, creation and the way they are treated
Transforming – creative tools: their use and application
Contemporary Art and its influence in the creation of a New Conscious
The process of individual evolution in Jungian Art Therapy
Art and its transformational power
Art Therapy as a form of investigation in various areas:
Social, creative, philosophical and inter disciplinary
Authors, creators and their relation to art Therapy: Winnicot, Jung, Klein
Practical work and individual sesions

Transpersonal and Humanistic Art Therapy

“My Eternity is My Creation; I have created it for you. Do from her the vestments of your temple”.